angie becerra -
I would love the opportunity to introduce you to an alternative to handling conflicts. 
Using this service is truly beneficial to avoid a lot of miscommunication.  
Juggling family dynamics and emotions is tough.  Talking to an impartial sounding board works in many ways.  Proactive communication is really worth the time and in the end everyone can be heard and considered.

 I provide Mediation and Crisis coaching for:

  • support for aging transition, loss of freedom, illness & loneliness for aging adults and family
  • self empowerment 
  • chronic pain management
  • couples conflict
  • confidence building
  • employee mediation/career coaching

WHAT CAN YOU resolve your crisis today?

All the adventure, dull moments
every accomplishment along with failure
Moments of bliss,
feelings of heartbreak
for everything you expect to happen
and for the surprises life still has to offer
There is no single moment in time
that can define what you become,
or change the outcome of your future
They all matter
the choice of
WHO you want to be
will always be up to you!

Finding time for meetings is often challenging. 
Together, we will decide what works best for you.
schedule an appointment at my Westlake Village office
or in some cases HOUSE CALLS
Ventura County, San Fernando Valley, Westlake Village & Simi Valley

Call for complimentary introduction

Mediation/Coaching Sessions are up to 90 minutes
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